German Sour Beef and Dumplings

German Sour Beef and Dumplings from JennigoesUSA

– white vinegar
– water
– small onion
– beef roast
– 5-6 juniper berries
– 5-6 bay leaves
– pepper, salt
– about 3 packs of brown gravy mix (have extra on hand just in case)
– One pack of of potatoe dumplings (prepare those according to package directions)

Season the beef with salt and pepper and put it into a large plastic container with lid. Add diced onions and fill the container with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water, just enough so the meat is covered in fluid. Throw in the juniper berries and bay leaves. Seal the container and let it sit in the fridge for about 3 days.

Fast Forward to Cooking Time:
– Sear the meat in a hot pan until the outside is nicely browned. Don’t get rid of the vinegar mix yet!

Set the meat into your crockpot. You now want to add enough fluid to make sauce with it. I use half of the vinegar mix and then the rest just water so it doesn’t get too sour.

Cook on High for 4 hours (I don’t use the low setting because I want the meat tender, but don’t want it to fall apart) Of course you could cook it on the stovetop like any other roast as well, but the crockpot gives amazing results.

After 4 hours carefully lift the meat out of the pot and stir in brown gravy mix (amount of packages depends on the amount of fluid you have, play it by ear). Set the meat back in while you cook the dumplings (and whatever veggie you may want to serve. Green beans are often served with this). Slice the meat, serve with gravy (you may or may not need to run the sauce through a strainer) and dumplings. Enjoy!!


One thought on “German Sour Beef and Dumplings

  1. missmundinger October 2, 2010 at 10:22 am Reply

    Hmmmm Sauerbraten. I love love love this dish. used to eat it as a kid many times. I’ve found you via ‘you may also like’ on my own blog. And guess what, I’ve got a potato dumpling recipe, hope you like it!

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